We believe entrepreneurship is a good tool for solving hard problems.

We're a student organization at Stanford University that backs social entrepreneurs from day 1. 200+ members strong with over 40 events across 3 teams.


We believe entrepreneurship is a good tool for hard problems.







Hard problems we think about:

Climate disasters, Aging x Healthcare, Energy solutions, Scalable housing approaches, Food access, New approaches to education (particularly in high barrier fields such as medicine), Healthy culture, Young politicians, Augmenting thinking (+neurotech)

We use the sustainable development goals as our standard template for areas of impact 

(there is lots more of excellent thinking in this space)

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We believe the challenges entrepreneurs face can be understood through consulting for startups, investing in them, and speaking to their founders.

SENSA is structured around three teams: consulting, venture capital, and VIP (our bi-annual speaker series which enrolls 200-300 quarterly). 

Our Consulting program regularly consults for social impact and deep tech companies. Past partners include World Trade, Charm Industrial, and Skoll.

Our VC program is a crash course on thesis-driven venture capital. We teach focused capital deployment through a three quarter course (founded in 2020).

Our VIP program brings together the entrepreneurs scaling social entrepreneurial ventures. Past speakers include Sal Khan, Muhammad Yunus, and Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen.


We believe when people are ready to be entrepreneurs they will need a community to support them.

By creating a culture of knowledge and information sharing, we believe community can be a bridge over common failure points. Entrepreneurship is hard and we hope to build an environment that carries proto-founders through the early stages of validating an idea. 


We are building the infrastructure for enduring relationships between Stanford's founders.

We believe community is the best tool to develop future founders. Our three programs (Consulting, VIP, and VC) are focused on activating future entrepreneurs. Our community is focused on carrying them forward. At the end of the day, we do not have the ability to create entrepreneurs, nor will we ever claim we have that ability. We believe the best we can do is plant the seed (our programs) and water it (our community). Hopefully something will grow from it (our track record is good so far - ten 30 under 30s and counting).