Our Consulting Teams

SENSA Consulting is Stanford’s premier student-run social impact consulting group, providing solutions for social enterprises in areas such as marketing, pricing, product development, and more.

Since the founding of our consulting branch, we have worked with a number of high impact social enterprises including The Malala Fund, Rhymes with Reason, TeachAids, and AbleThrive. Our past work has included product development, impact evaluation, growth strategy, and consumer relationship management. Our teams are skilled in utilizing their technical abilities, design-based thinking, and commitment to social change to create impact and solve problems.

Following a fall quarter training period, the group works on 4 cases per quarter. Led by a project manager, teams of 5 work to create innovative and sustainable solutions to problems our clients face in the social sector, whether that be in investment analysis, market research, product development, or marketing strategy. Past verticals have included Education Technology, Women’s support, Healthcare, and Disability accommodation.

Ultimately, we strive to provide incredible talent and value to our partner organizations and create an environment that allows the next generation of college students to create social impact.

Our Past Partners

22-23 Team Leads

Kelly Wang

Consulting Co Lead

My name is Kelly, and I’m a second-year student studying economics from San Diego. I have over a year of experience in social impact consulting and was on SENSA’s consulting team last year. I love working with nonprofits and foundations to help advance environmental and social justice causes.

Megan Chen

Consulting Co Lead

My name is Megan Chen. I am a current sophomore studying Urban Studies with a concentration in Sustainability and a minor in Environmental Justice. I joined SENSA as I am incredibly passionate about the intersections between social impact and entrepreneurship and absolutely love the community that is involved with the organization. I specifically serve as one of the leads on the consulting team as I love the range of organizations that we get to partner with that are doing incredible work.

Josue Gil-Silva

Consulting Co Lead

Josue is a senior at Stanford studying Mechanical Engineering and originally from Salinas, CA. He is passionate about designing for social good and creating products that can make a positive impact on society. He joined SENSA his sophomore year in search of an organization that centers making a positive impact on society through entrepreneurship. Josué truly believes that some of the worlds biggest issues can be solved through social entrepreneurship, and he is excited to gain more knowledge about how this can be done by being a lead on the consulting team this year.

Manish Raj

Consulting Co Lead

Manish Raj is a Junior from Neenah, Wisconsin majoring in Management Science and Engineering. He is passionate about using data and modeling to guide decision making, particularly related to biology and the environment. He joined SENSA as a freshman on the learning team and is super excited to continue to be a part of the SENSA community as a consulting lead! Outside of SENSA, you can find him going biking, practicing piano, playing board games, or searching campus for plants and dogs.