Venture Capital

The VC team is a community of students, founders, and VCs focused on high-impact, scalable ideas in the world of venture.

We’re driven by ideas that solve the fundamental challenges of our era and build the backbone of a longer tomorrow — think neurotechnology, cellular agriculture, edtech, sustainable development, and precision medicine.

Our three quarter long program introduces members to VC as a lever of social change (Fall), teaches sourcing and due-diligence (Winter), and places members in a partnered VC firm for a Spring internship. We believe what we do should be worth your time.

Team Leads

Ingrid Ackermann

Ingrid Ackermann is a junior studying Environmental Systems Engineering. She’s passionate about the applications of science & engineering to drive positive change. In 2021, she joined SENSA to explore social entrepreneurship & discover routes of impact. Being a part of the Venture Capital team has provided unparalleled opportunities to explore growing industry verticals while learning the VC process. Our captivating conversations, “dive into the deep end” experiential approach, and sincere community are core to this VC Team experience.

Daniel Fein

I'm a junior originally from Miami majoring in Computer Science. I to keep up with AI and the direction of technology in general. I also enjoy writing online, thinking of new products, and generally laying in the sun around campus. Initially, I joined SENSA because I felt immediately called to become a part of the VC team. I believe that many of the most important innovations in recent history were carried through to society via venture capital, and I think it's exciting to learn how to be a part of this change myself by plugging in to this network. My favorite thing about the VC team is the strong sub-culture of openness to bold, new ideas.

Serena Tang

Serena is a senior majoring in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Educational Technology. Her passions lie at the intersection of technology, early childhood education, and social impact. She has been part of SENSA since freshman year, when she fell in love with the organization's impact-minded vision and passionate community. She's worn many hats in her time with SENSA, including serving as SENSA President her junior year. As part of her final year at Stanford, Serena is leading SENSA's newest initiative, the VC team, as her final opportunity to innovate for social good alongside this incredible community that she loves so dearly/