Sensa Happy Hour Thu April 13 4:30-6 pm

Come join us for an end of the year mixer and an opportunity to meet others in the social e space on campus. 

Lake Lag BBQ ->

Nitricity Field Trip Thu April 20 2:30-3:30 pm

Join us for a field trip to Nitricity. Nitricity electrifies and distributes the production of fertilizer. Space is very limited. 

@ Nitricity HQ ->

Sensa Election Info Session Sun April 23 11-12 am

Come join us for an end of the year mixer and an opportunity to meet others in the social e space on campus. 

via Zoom ->

Women's Health Night Feb 9th 7:30 pm 

Panel, discussion, and mixer about the future of women's health with featured speakers from 50 Years and Midday Health.

Graduate School of Education ->

Social Impact Night Feb 22nd 7 pm 

SENSA's flagship event, a cross-campus event focused on connecting student founders building social entrepreneurial projects with teams, ideas, and resources.

Graduate School of Business ->

Future of Mental Health Mar 2nd 5 pm 

An event focused on the founders and ideas redefining mental healthcare - from meditation to psychedelics to group therapy.

Bishop Auditorium ->

Government Innovation Panel (SENSA x SIG) 

Panel and discussion about the challenges and opportunities of building a company for the public sector. Hosted by Stanford in Government and SENSA.

Zoom ->

What is the future of parenting? Dec 1st 8 pm

Roundtable discussion with professors, parents, and 10 year olds. Then pitch your idea to that panel of 10 year olds

Y2E2 111 ->

Field Trips

Nov 9th On the Future of Modular Housing + Site visit to Abodu (scalable backyard homes)

Visit Abodu in Redwood City with us, to discuss the future of housing, sustainable design, and residential construction with the co-founders and team. Event capped at 20 people due to space constraints.

Redwood City ->

Oct 14th Info Session + Site visit to WildType Foods (Cell Ag Salmon)

Come visit WildType Foods in San Francisco, a cellular agriculture startup pioneering sustainable salmon. We've rolled our info session into a visit to the startup. Event capped at 50 people due to space constraints.

Dogpatch, SF -> 

Sensa Info Session Oct 11th @ Y2E2 Quad 11-12 am

Stop by our info session to talk with the team and meet with current Sensa members. Hear all about what we've got coming up this year.

Y2E2 Quad ->